Monday, September 24, 2012

The Mystery of Noggin

My youngest pup is Noggin.

I would like to write down that he's a shih tzu but it's been a week since I started doubting what his breed really is.

You see, unlike Neeto, Noggin was a gift to my by my partner.

My partner really isn't a dog lover and doesn't really care too much about dog breeds. Noggin was bought from a friend, so he doesn't really have papers. So, with nothing but a word that he is a standard shih tzu, I am left wondering.

I think he's a Lhasa Apso.

He doesn't necessarily act like a shih tzu. This early on, he acts like a middle child.  He has his own world. He does not listen to me, my mom or my dad. He likes to eat a lot. He likes to play with Neeto, which  after a few minutes turns to a fight between them. And he'd eat just about anything you put in his mouth, except for his vitamins.

Yep, he's the problem child in the family.

But I have accepted that it's who he is. Maybe because he's still young (he's a month younger than Neeto). I'm pretty sure one day The Dog Whisperer's tricks will work on him.

But right now, I really don't care about that.

What I want answered is a different question.

What breed is he really?

And how the heck do I clean up his messy snout?

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  1. why make a new blog?

    you're puppies are cute
    i remember my post dati na "Why are most dogs cuter than their owners?"
    wala lang
    naalala ko lang