Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet My Eldest

The eldest of my kids
Neeto is my eldest pup.

He’s a pure bred shih tzu.

I immediately got attracted to his mostly black color. You don’t really see a lot of black shih tzu’s out there. And besides, shih tzu’s are girly dogs, so I thought if ever I’d get one, I’d get the one that would make me look manlier.

He’s a really special dog for me, being that he’s the first puppy that I ever bought, so he is spoiled by me. I love it that he’s a natural follower, so he’s not that hard to train or make a “balanced” dog.

The only problem I have with him is that he’s a biter. He likes to bite us. Although it’s not really hard or it won’t pierce or wound you, it worries me that some kid might play with him and get bitten. I have yet to find an episode of The Dog Whisperer where Cesar rehabilitates a dog who likes to bite.


  1. stages lang siguro yan sa buhay ng mga aso. "makati" daw ang ngipin nila, kaya sila kagat ng kagat :) cute dog! :D